We are fullservice photoagency.

We create visual pictures your ideas.

What we do

We are Groveproductions.

New photoproduction from Prague.

What we do

Check your portfolio.

We make complete fullservice in commercial phototography.

What we do

We are an independent agency

offering complete services in the advertising and commercial photography.

What we do

“In our production we offer a complete representation of photographic portfolio within the field of advertising and commercial photography.”

Serviceswhat we do

GroveProductions represents a team of creative artists, in the foreground with commercial photographers, who because of their complexity can stop into the role of full-service, advertising production, to its customers prepare a complete implementation of promotional photoshoot.We work with a professional team of people, who take care of the overall operation of the photo shoot from beginning to end. As a matter of course, we ensure complete photographic team, as well as technical facilities, location and casting, and full production services.


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In Zizkov, Prague, we have our own photographic studio with a complete photographic equipment and technical backgrounds. Parking is available on street Husinecká on the combined lots. In the whole area of the studio is WIFI zone.In the front part of the studio was created in collaboration with Polaroidlove, shop and gallery with a focus on instant photo - Polagraph.


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